What happens after death? What’s the difference between dogs and people?

My spiritual friend with the much-loved dog, Aero, after realizing he was in constant pain, allowed him to be euthanized.  She and her husband mourned not just the loss of their adored pet, but all the past losses that arose again in their hearts. It was a tough time.

Now she wonders if Aero is in doggie heaven playing with his friends, or he is still around, meaning, the house? What the Angels are saying is that we, in the physical life of the third dimension, have difficulty understanding that we move with our energy. Our capabilities are much more than what we imagine.

In everyday life, we move our energy, i.e. ourselves, into a different train of thought. We are anywhere but present. When we are not present, we are in our head, creating a different reality.  The challenge for our friends is there is nobody home to connect to in our physical body.  We are flying loose, untethered, the way we used to navigate in our dead spirit form. If you are accused of not listening, most likely you play around in the spirit world often, but haven’t figured out how to control this behavior to benefit yourself and others.

In death, both people and domesticated animals tend to move between the alive world and the dead-spirit world initially.  If we have left behind those we love, we tend to stay close to them until we get used to our state of not having a physical body and they get used to life without us.  Once we catch onto our unlimited capacity to create our life in the spirit world, we can easily bi-locate and be in our new environment as well as check in with our old “alive” friends.

Imagine you died recently but still feel like you. You feel fine now. Your body no longer hurts;  there is no pain.  Everything looks the same. The freedom allows you to stick around.  After all, where else would you go?

In the dog, Aero’s case, he’s spent  some ten or more years with Julie and her husband.  He was rarely on his own except for a few hours, and then in the confines of a home that was prepared for his comfort. He owned the couch.  The white plush rug was his.  His food was lovingly prepared.  His every need watched over. Who wants to leave?

After awhile Aero will feel comfortable enough to roam from his old home. Surrounded by the energy of old friends in the spirit world, gradually he will acclimate to his new home as Julie and her husband move forward in their own lives without Aero.  People exhibit the same behavior as we become comfortable in our new dead-life.

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  • Blog: Alive After Life

    My Angels started whispering in my ear in 1998 that I was supposed to talk with the dead. “Are you kidding?” was my reaction. No one was more resistant than me. I flat out refused. It wasn’t until the dead appeared at the foot of my bed in the middle of the night that I realized that what I thought of as my choice of talking to the dead or not, was not mine to make.

    The trick, should you want to talk with your deceased loved ones yourself, is to leave behind your linear mind. Let go of your preconceived ideas of what the dead are up to and where they go. Carefully surround yourself in the Light of the Divine so that you don’t tangle with the side of “life” you don’t want to see.

    Then teach yourself to be still and listen with your whole body. Some people hear, some see, and some experience their deceased. The Angels have shown me that connecting with the dead can be an unexpected joy.

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