Is there Sex after Death?

One of the obvious joys of life in the body is the sexual experience between two people who love each other. When asked, the angels indicate that there is no sex after death. What? No sex! That doesn’t sound like heaven to me.

While laughing at my naivete, the angels explain that in a body, we look at life through our narrow third dimensional vision, the baseline for our physical life on earth. In the body, sex can be one of our most exhilarating and delicious experiences filling our senses. Forgive me, but there’s the rub, so to speak.

In our physical life, we are just that. We are physical. We experience life through our five senses. We learn the rules of life from our parents who learned from their parents. We live in a series of boxes of our own making, carefully instructed from generation to generation and constructed from birth on.

Sex in a body can feel like a t-bone steak thrown to a pup. It’s the consolation prize to encourage us to come back into our bodies, otherwise we would stay stuck in our heads and never get around to connecting with each other.

The sex experienced rarely in our western culture, is the sex that connects a man and a woman in complete union. Orgasm can create this, but not often. It is the total blending of male and female energy, of the physical with the spiritual, of yang and yin. The separation experienced in the body disappears. The missing pieces of your life puzzle come together in a fleeting moment of completion, ignited with the God Source. 

This sense of exquisite fulfillment is the reason there need be no sex in the afterlife experience. Once in your dead-life, you continue minus your body. What you live and experience in your dead-life with all life every where, a complete connection with the God Source.

In spirit form, this is your life. You are already living in completion, in perfect connection, in a state of being Love. You are not in love. You are Love. Division is gone. Emptiness leaves your experience. Separation is no longer within your awareness.

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  1. Alan
    Posted March 13, 2016 at 1:25 am | Permalink

    Thank you for your article but that totally fucking sucks,

    God is a massive asshole for not allowing us to have sex after we die,
    fuck him and all that interconnected spiritual oneness bullshit,
    he’s a total asshole. Sorry, no offense, just my opinion.
    Fuck HIM.

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  • Blog: Alive After Life

    My Angels started whispering in my ear in 1998 that I was supposed to talk with the dead. “Are you kidding?” was my reaction. No one was more resistant than me. I flat out refused. It wasn’t until the dead appeared at the foot of my bed in the middle of the night that I realized that what I thought of as my choice of talking to the dead or not, was not mine to make.

    The trick, should you want to talk with your deceased loved ones yourself, is to leave behind your linear mind. Let go of your preconceived ideas of what the dead are up to and where they go. Carefully surround yourself in the Light of the Divine so that you don’t tangle with the side of “life” you don’t want to see.

    Then teach yourself to be still and listen with your whole body. Some people hear, some see, and some experience their deceased. The Angels have shown me that connecting with the dead can be an unexpected joy.

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