•  Get Answers  ~   Let your ever-lovin’ Angels show you a better way to live your life.
•  Get Closure    ~  Visit your loved ones in the Afterlife safely.
•  Get Healthy    ~  Turn your health around with a Psychic Healing.        

Wouldn’t it be helpful to hear what your Angels have to say about your current situation?  Sometimes a new perspective on an old story gives you just the nudge you need.

All sessions guaranteed.
Your Angels don’t fix you.  They do offer solutions and support.


     by phone or in person – spiritually intuitive counseling with your Angels

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• Haven’t we all been stumped over what to do about our job, or lack of one?
• Our relationship with our mate or our kids?  A separation or divorce?
• How to go on with life minus our loved one, whether from breakup or dying?
• Not to mention how to make it through when you or one of your family or friends gets seriously ill?
• Pregnant or not?
• And of course ongoing issues with your kids, your job, your neighbor, your life?



        by phone or in person                                     

Your loved ones on The Other Side are as alive as they always were. They’re no longer in a body but they exist, just like you do. Would it be useful to connect safely to your loved ones who have passed on?

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 •  Without closure, you’re having trouble moving on.                           
  • You want to believe that your special person is still with you, but you need reassurance.

 •  You’re feeling sad and maybe lonely and can’t seem to shake it. 
In the security of your own home or here with Emmy in Tucson, give yourself the gift of peace of mind and closure that comes from connecting with your deceased.

3.  PSYCHIC  HEALING with Your Angels
       by phone or in person   

The unconditional love of your Angels can heal your body and mind.  Intuitively, Emmy senses where your energy is blocked and corrects it.  It is a painless procedure most certain to bring you an inner peace and often a release from anxiety and pain. Physical symptoms dissipate or disappear .

For a free group session to experience what a Distant Healing can do for you, Sign up on the sidebar to the right.

For release of your personal physical and emotional issues , schedule a private session. Anything is possible with your Angels.
Your Angels can help!


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All sessions in person or by phone in Tucson.  Phone readings in the continental U.S. and Canada or internationally with Skype.


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